Thursday, July 18, 2019

Review: Above The Grave: The Complete Series

Above The Grave: The Complete Series Above The Grave: The Complete Series by Andrew De Zilva
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Above the Grave is a graphic novel written by Andrew De Silva and Mitchell Hall. Yes, you read that correctly, this one is a graphic novel. A comic book. I am aware that the two terms indicate that there are differences between them, though the distinction remains a mystery to this novice. Anyway, I prefer the term graphic novel now, having finally read one. If you're missing it, I am rather proud of the accomplishment, especially considering the abstract horror I felt when I realized the genre I was diving into. As a graphic novel new recruit, it took me a good bit to acclimate my reading style to authentically experience Above the Grave. The nuts and bolts boil down simply enough; a clandestine lockup where super-naughtiest of villains are confined for the safety of the outside world and the evil hijinks some of its wicked detainees orchestrate.

As it turns out, I dig comics. Who knew? Despite more glaring editing issues than any novel should go to publishing with, I found the story engaging, characters well developed, and pacing of the action appropriately done.

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