Monday, June 10, 2019

Review: Blood Upon the Sands

Blood Upon the Sands Blood Upon the Sands by Sheldon Charles
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blood Upon the Sands (An Evan Davis Tale Book 2)
by Sheldon Charles

I loved Sheldon Charles' other Evan Davis novel, "From Within the Firebird's Nest," so I was excited to dive into "Blood Upon the Sands," another political thriller, this time set in the Middle East, also featuring the Evan Davis character. One thing became crystal clear and that is that this author is a consistently competent writer and I sense more Evan Davis in the fiction world. Unfortunately, I didn't fall into this, as I did with his last novel, and I think it is due only to my near complete lack of interest in the Middle East. I suffer from a very real ignorance when it comes to that part of the world so I genuinely struggled through these 400+ pages, knowing all the while that my being closed off to the subject would stunt my experience. As with his other novels, Charles has written engaging characters, perfectly choreographed action and smart dialogue delivered with practiced cadence. Despite not falling in love with the story, I know this is a well written novel and lovers of political thrillers will eat it up.

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