Saturday, March 9, 2019

Review: Hunt For Harald's Gold

Hunt For Harald's Gold Hunt For Harald's Gold by Jack Dancer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have to start with the cover image of the Kindle ebook I received: A mirror image of an attractive woman except the left side of the image features the woman sporting what appears to be a mustache... Based on the title, Hunt For Harald's Gold: A Scottish DNA Love Story, I couldn't begin to imagine what this cover could have to do with the plot of what is clearly a romance. It was initially jarring and not in a positive way. Once you read the summary, the mustache makes some sense but then you forget all about that because it is revealed that Billie is mistaken for Willie, Billie's supposedly dead twin brother who is transgender so looks just like Billie and is also having sex with Tucker, Billie's oblivious DNA match true love in her absence. Viking kings, fairies, bulletproof skin, rogue FBI agents, ancient Scottish legends, anthropomorphic drones, and centuries old witches are all mentioned in the summary as well so to be honest there's really no way to tell what this book is about. But have no fear, you have a whopping 456 pages to figure it out. Don't expect to have much clarity once you're finished though, I certainly didn't.

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