Saturday, March 9, 2019

Review: 3x Speed Reading

3x Speed Reading 3x Speed Reading by Giacomo Bruno
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3x Speed Reading by Giacomo Bruno is a short 110 pages, focused on the goal of reading much faster, three times faster to be exact, and improve comprehension and memorization of the information that is read.

This guide was practical in its instruction style as well as honest in acknowledging that there is no singular, sure fire way to achieve the desired results of speed reading. There were charts, diagrams, worksheets, and exercises sprinkled throughout to assist in the learning.

In regard to memorization and comprehension techniques, Mr. Bruno has introduced some rather creative avenues of improvement. My focus was drawn here being that I already read at a nearly unnatural speed and always have.

I disagree with the notion that readers don't use the creative part of their brain when reading. Perhaps that could be true when reading for purely informational purposes but how can you not use creativity when making images in your head out of words from the page? The author's position on that really frustrated me.

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