Friday, February 15, 2019

Review: When a Fox Mourns

When a Fox Mourns When a Fox Mourns by Shara B. Allen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Novels with content this dark should come with a warning. When a Fox Mourns is deeply disturbing and profoundly sad. The author's use of a unique poetry style of writing took some getting used to but turned out beautifully in a story that needs the beauty.

Fox is a victim of abuse via many sources and to cope with that horror she does what many women do; everything from cutting herself severely and drug abuse to seeking out dangerous men and drinking herself into oblivion. To no one's surprise, she develops severe symptoms like terrifying hallucinations that leave her conversing with the devil. Full of violence and angst, When a Fox Mourns is a mine field of triggers for trauma and abuse victims and that should be noted.

There were some errors here and there that a decent editor could have pinpointed but overall, Shara B. Allen has put out an in depth and sadly, realistic, book that shows what it is to live through hell. Now I have to go watch Happy Feet to clear my brain.

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