Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Review: The Broadcast: A Mystery Thriller

The Broadcast: A Mystery Thriller The Broadcast: A Mystery Thriller by Liam Fialkov
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Broadcast by Liam Fialkov begins with the reader being told of video footage of a famous murder to be released on air; a celebrity accused of killing his ex-wife and a friend. It's a thinly fictionalized O.J., right down to the car chase. Such footage shouldn't exist but does and soon more impossible recordings surface, proving and disproving various mysteries throughout history. Mixed in are characters who could be deeply affected by the source of the films or are trying to sniff out a hoax around the films.

I'm a character-centric reader so let's talk characters. That Sarah and Jonathan met while he was institutionalized and she was his psychologist grated on me. Although it is stated that the relationship was "wrong, even unethical", Sarah decided she is entitled to be happy so that's that, it's A-okay and no big deal! Um, it's really NOT okay. Neither Sarah nor Jonathan ever endeared themselves to me but I cared about how it would all play out for them and the others none the less.

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