Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Review: Krakenscourge

Krakenscourge Krakenscourge by John Graham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read Voidstalker, the title before this, in 2017 and was pretty impressed. Though it was infuriating with the level of evilness and depravity, it was a book that stayed with you for a bit after finishing. When the summary for the sequel goes like this... Far beyond Human space, a massive alien vessel appears, its systems badly damaged and its crew slaughtered in a mysterious ambush in the depths of the void. The emaciated survivors can only identify their attackers by one word: voidstalker... it's pretty clear this installment isn't going to be any rosier.

With a name like Krakenscourge, this Voidstalker book is bound to be, at the very least, interesting. Turns out John Graham didn't lose any steam in while writing. Again the characters are sharp in both wonderful and horrible ways and the world he has created is vivid and detailed with engrossing descriptions. But the tone here is what grabs the reader. It's a striking balance of despair and hope in the dark universe. Sci-fi fans are sure to be happy with this.

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