Saturday, November 18, 2017

Review: Cathy's World

Cathy's World Cathy's World by M.A.R. Unger
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cathy's World is one of the Matti James mystery series written by M.A.R. Unger. This installment is number five in the series but I wasn't confused at all so the sequence doesn't seem to matter greatly for the story to make sense. Matti James is a forensic facial reconstruction expert living in Las Vegas next door to aging actress, Cathy Britton. Cathy has a flair for the dramatic, whether that be a by product of her profession or signs that someone is out to get her remains to be seen. Matti finds herself embroiled in Cathy's drama and the twists and turns in this book will leave you spinning yet grinning.

Unger's writing is obviously bolstered by much research. Getting the nuances right is paramount in crime fiction and Unger is a master. Her dialogue is a treat to read due to the humor among countless other things she wrote just right. There are plenty of viable suspects without the feeling of being slapped in the face by red herrings the whole time. The just thick enough plot flows perfectly to a conclusion you probably didn't see coming.

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