Sunday, August 27, 2017

Review: How to swear & love in Dutch

How to swear & love in Dutch How to swear & love in Dutch by Ingeborg Stinissen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At first I didn't think this was actually a book that would teach you an unknown language, my mind went directly to the 'romance in a foreign country' genre. Imagine my surprise when this opened with the phonetic Dutch alphabet, numbers, greetings and then head first into flirting. Because that's super important. Hilarity ensues from this point and the reader finds herself laughing about potential scenarios with handsome Dutch gentlemen. This eventually happens, by the way, without realizing the thoughts are at least partly in Dutch as well. And just like that, you're learning a new language - albeit one I can honestly say I have never been remotely interested in learning before.

This book teaches you specifically how to say "I can't open your bra." and the next chapter is what to say at the wedding! Followed by how to tell your significant other that they are blocking the television. I can't even...

I had so much fun reading How to Swear and Love in Dutch. While it is humorous, Ingeborg Stinissen manages to teach the serious stuff as well. It was an easy going, information filled 60 pages that I would recommend to anyone heading into Dutch country to mingle with the locals.Well done!

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