Monday, June 5, 2017

Review: Danny Chaucer's Flying Saucer

Danny Chaucer's Flying Saucer Danny Chaucer's Flying Saucer by Christopher Peter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Christopher Peter's Middle-grade fiction story, Danny Chaucer's Flying Saucer is my nine year old's next book! I thought it was so fun and creative while still teaching kids morals about being a good person and friend. In addition, the author manages to teach the reader about space without dragging the story down.

Danny Chaucer is a boy going through a hard time, missing his best friend, Sam, and dealing with bullies. His life gets even more difficult when he is assigned to mentor the new girl in class, Nat Ford, who is likewise going through some hard times. Two previously friendless kids have each other to lean on and nothing can stop them now. Enter a shady military woman nicknamed Frosty Knickers who is searching for an escaped flying saucer, complete with a cheeky artificial intelligence named BOB, with plans to use the saucer in nefarious ways and you have the beginning of a fun filled adventure. Danny and Nat end up flying through space with Frosty Knickers, AKA Captain Frost, navigated by BOB. Humor and thrills abound leading to a perfect ending with plenty of opportunity for sequels.

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