Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Review: Meet The Unimaginables

Meet The Unimaginables Meet The Unimaginables by Paul Slutsky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The endless possibilities that lay beyond our planet and the desire to know how things might play out are fulfilled in books like Meet the Unimaginables. Here, Slutsky writes in a way that feels as if the whole scenario is entirely possible. It's easy for sci-fi to get bogged down in heavy details that take away from the progress of the story, and especially character development. That is not the case here, thankfully. Meet the Unimaginables is a novel that will keep you in it's world long after you've finished reading.

The book begins with Alan Norton puzzling out what the appearance of a second sun may bring. What it brings is alien contact and then the universe explodes in an action packed adventure that is fast paced and thrilling! A great deal happens in this story and there are a slew of things that boggle the mind in the most fun way. Things like the Intergalactic Union, Brotherhood of Peace Wanderers, Intergalactic Life Search Service, holograms, synthetic sex, dimension travel through black holes... It's almost impossible not to become immersed in this version of the world and deep space.

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