Thursday, July 2, 2020

Review: Muskrat Hill

Muskrat Hill Muskrat Hill by Easy Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Muskrat Hill by Easy Jackson, AKA Vicky Rose

If you want that classic murder mystery with a Western twist, Muskrat Hill is a novel you might enjoy. Not for nothing but there's also some romantic and sexual tension woven throughout for those of you who like a side of melodrama. The murders though, they are nothing if not vicious! If you like your crime gritty, this should whet your appetite quite nicely. Suspects range from religious nuts to prostitutes, a misogynist mayor, a child-molesting butcher... more red herrings than you might imagine. That doesn't take anything away from the plot at all. And that plot, holy twists, Batman! If you saw it all coming, you're the author.

I found the changes in point of view necessary for telling the story so well but those transitions felt somewhat abrupt. The time period and place in which Muskrat Hill happens should be considered if things like racism and sexism trigger you.

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