Thursday, July 2, 2020

Review: Forging of a Knight: Knighthood's End

Forging of a Knight: Knighthood's End Forging of a Knight: Knighthood's End by Hugo Negron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Knighthood's End is the fifth in the Forging of a Knight series by author, Hugo V. Negron. Though I've seen these fantasy novels labeled as being for children and teens, adults are easily enthralled as well. At least I was. I have not read the first four installments so I did have to play catch up some but the author made even that easy.

Negron's writing is simple but by no means dull. All of the characters seem to be well developed and dynamic. Characters and dialogue can make or break a book for me. This author managed to create dialogue that has that sense of old-world cadence without the excessive wordiness that readers, especially young readers, tend to shy away from.

In Knighthood's End, we follow Qualtan and a Mah-Zakim as they navigate this complex world full of mythical creatures and curses. There is plenty of action to go around in between lessons in friendship, loyalty, and even romance. Huge Negron has created a vast and vivid fantasy world for you to fall deep into and I suggest that you do so.

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