Monday, June 10, 2019

Review: Ellen's Song

Ellen's Song Ellen's Song by Ben Kalland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The novel, "Ellen's Song," has just become another of those books I might never have chosen, thinking it not to my taste - the exact same way I initially thought of Pete Hamill's, "Forever," which has yet to be unseated as Number One on my favorites list. Now that I've finished "Ellen's Song," I'm so glad I read it! Despite the tragedy and general decimation of this fictional family and hereby, this fictional world that Ben Kallad has woven into my consciousness - a plot ploy I normally despise - I found a sense of hope and resilience I refuse to let go of. This is a modern story, though it smacks of that multi-generational, historical drama sensibility, and it worked magnificently.

Kallad's dialogue is well written, yet concise without coming off clipped, and his characters... they will stick with a reader long after they've closed the book. Even Sophia, technically gone from page one, packs a punch. They're all so easily relatable without being contrite. "Ellen's Song" will be easy to recommend to friends and family.

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