Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Review: Ripple Effect: Because Of The War

Ripple Effect: Because Of The War Ripple Effect: Because Of The War by Jenny Ferns
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Ripple Effect: Because Of The War (Ripple Effect, Book 1)
by Jenny Ferns

The terrors of war are as universal as they are devastating and in Ripple Effect the reader gets another heartbreaking - if fictional - example of this. In the British ruins of World War II, we meet sisters, Veronica and Rachel, Richard - Veronica's husband and Susie - Rachel's illegitimate daughter. Themes of abandonment, hunger, PTSD, alcoholism, and many other ravages of war are explored in varying depths but all with grand effect and tailored perfectly to the story. Jenny Ferns portrays these characters and their circumstances with heartfelt reverie, searing them into the minds and souls of her readers.

Though I am notoriously vicious about editing errors - the term "grammar Nazi" has been thrown about - in this case, I almost hesitate to mention them. They are there; misspellings, words in incorrect tense, etc... Obviously, though, the heart of the story was not lost so I can't be too harsh.

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