Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Review: It's Always the Husband

It's Always the Husband It's Always the Husband by Michele Campbell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don't know how to put this... I wanted this to be an amazing book. And perhaps it is because I'm still thinking about it days later. Why I have a hard time saying this is amazing is because by the end, I hated every character except the "bad guy/killer". Every. Single. One. I thought Aubrey was the protagonist but that went by the wayside pretty quickly - how soon we forget where we came from once we arrive somewhere better, huh? Kate was a viper from the onset and a far as I'm concerned, she didn't get enough of what was coming to her. And Jenny... hands down the biggest fall from the promise her character showed in the beginning. All three of them should have been knocked off that bridge, one after the other. That's the ending I wanted by page 435.

Four hundred thirty-five pages! That much text and all of two things happened beyond example after glaring example of these girls being, basically, assholes. They're assholes, through and through... Ugh, stop Amanda, first paragraph was character assassination, you're supposed to be talking about the plot here! My problem is this, the two events that this plot is centered around are bad, yes, but not bad enough to cause the drama these three drew out of it for 22 years. I mean eventually we all get over the petty stuff of college, right? I was disappointed when I realized that was it, there was no bigger, more significant event or bombshell. I felt blah when I was done and I didn't expect that.

On a positive note, I enjoy the way Michele Campbell writes and so much so that I will absolutely try more of her books in the future.

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