Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Review: Caspion & the White Buffalo

Caspion & the White Buffalo Caspion & the White Buffalo by Melvin Litton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Caspion & the White Buffalo by Melvin Litton is a mix of historical fiction, Native American culture and Old West action. The elusive white buffalo was, for me, an extraordinary theme linking the characters and their lives. That the author is also a poet doesn't come as much of a shock when you read the way he writes. They way the story was told is unique and enthralling. I loved the cadence of the character's speech throughout the entire book. It reminded me of the style in which Legends of the Fall was narrated. Litton made that time period rich and vibrant, something that should be noted considering how bland I usually find stories in the historical fiction and Old West genres.

Jim Caspion, being a Civil War veteran who finds himself making a living hunting buffalo, evolves beautifully as a character while the novel unfolds. Actually, all of the characters were fleshed out to the perfect level for their role in the story. An author who knows how to balance that in a novel is far rarer than one might imagine. I think Melvin Litton penned an epic tale of life during that era in American history.

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