Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Review: Miguel Traveler #1: The Man from Texas

Miguel Traveler #1: The Man from Texas Miguel Traveler #1: The Man from Texas by Daniel McFatter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Miguel Traveler #1, Man from Texas is a post-apocalyptic novel that feels like an old western. Daniel McFatter writes in a unique style that I didn't expect in a book of this genre, though I enjoyed it a lot. In this case, for me, it truly was the way the author wrote his characters and they way he made them speak. Their cadence and mannerisms contrasted so greatly with what I have come to expect from this type of book and it worked like a charm. I found myself quickly engrossed in each character and heavily invested in their futures. Though the circumstances surrounding the events of the plot were interesting and important, none of it would have mattered with lesser characters. McFatter is a "writer" over an "author" in that sense.

Miguel Traveler, Man from Texas is Longmire meets The Walking Dead meets Lonesome Dove meets It. There is no one word description to be delivered here.

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