Thursday, November 30, 2017

Review: The Golden Scepter

The Golden Scepter The Golden Scepter by Alex Zabala
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Golden Scepter is the second in the Chauncy Rollock series by Alex Zabala and Deyego Alehandro. Treasure of the Mayan King came before this and I have not read that. I tried to get the jist via summaries and reviews and I'll admit that Mayan King sounded as if it was better but overall the reviews were worse. For me, The Golden Scepter was okay, bordering on good. Perhaps I wasn't invested enough in Chauncy having not read the first book, but he felt like a cliche to me. Keep in mind I rolled my eyes through every Indiana Jones movie I ever watched, which wasn't even all of them, so it could be simply that this action/adventure/mythology genre is never going to land on my Best Reads list.

My lack of interest in no way is the fault of these authors. In fact the writing was very good. The proofreader in me appreciated the lack of grammatical and typographical errors. I enjoyed the flow of dialogue between characters, that can be harder to accomplish than you might think. I wouldn't deliberately steer anyone away from this book. I know many people who would love it so I think that speaks positively about The Golden Scepter.

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