Saturday, November 4, 2017

Review: Blood and Roses

Blood and Roses Blood and Roses by Jordan Petrarca
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Blood and Roses is like The Godfather meets Game of Thrones and it's fantastic! Petrarca opens with a gritty letter from the narrator giving a brief and crass synopsis of Exodus, the seven "Blessed" families who wield all the power, and the mysterious magic known as Relics that are the key to maintaining that power. In the beginning of the book, the patriarch of the Rose family is targeted by his enemies, the aftermath of which demands that the youngest son, Ric, return home and get his life together for his family. From there it is non-stop action, perfectly placed humor, and a ride you don't want to get off of.

The language, especially regarding sex, is particularly vulgar so for those who don't like the F word might find themselves overwhelmed. I am not one of those people and I thought the language made the whole story more believable. These are gangsters so I would have an issue with gangsters who speak like altar boys.

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