Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Review: Fatal Charm

Fatal Charm Fatal Charm by Blair McDowell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fatal Charm is a novel by Blair McDowell. Labelled on Goodreads as Thriller and Contemporary Romance, it's a mix of genres that attracts many different readers. I'll be honest that when I started out I was reading as if I knew what this book was already - there's a formula for so many of these books - but while it did portray a lot of that, there was just enough extra, unexpected zest, that I couldn't help but enjoy it! The action was perfectly balanced with the drama and the romance, dialogue was almost exclusively spot on - I can't think of time when I thought "Oh please, no one would actually SAY that out loud!".

Caitlin is a young jewelry designer and Colin is a dashing Irish professor. Together, they create sparks as they team up to thwart the sale of a priceless heirloom to those undeserving. The chemistry between Caitlin and Colin is great, sizzling at times but it felt like neither of them really endeared themselves to me specifically. But Colin was my guy above and beyond Caitlin. And I do realize that I don't normally attach to any specific character that is geared toward me in any given book. In fact, maybe I mindfully reject what is give to me as my heroine. I only mean that they didn't feel like the friend who was supposed to be rooting for Caitlin. Caitlin and Colin were only characters I thought I knew but didn't, really on the surface. But Colin,somehow, I want everything for Colin. Even if that was Caitlin, because I didn't get that connection with her the way I did with Colin. I know other readers who connected with Colin and could have thrown Caitlin to the wolves. I suppose that's just the way it goes in literature.I love reading reviews from both sides. To be honest, more negative reviews have made me purchase a book than positive ones have. So perhaps there's a Caitlin lover out there who will read my negative reactions to her and buy the book anyway, just for Colin. In the end we all read the same book, apply our personal experiences to the situation, and will go on to find their next favorite novel. I'm interested to know what you have to say about Fatal Charm!

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