Monday, September 11, 2017

Review: Danny and the Dreamweaver

Danny and the Dreamweaver Danny and the Dreamweaver by Mark Poe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Danny and the Dreamweaver by Mark Poe is a middle grade fantasy fiction book. There is no putting this in one genre beyond children's because it encompasses mystery, art, humor, time travel, fantasy, and history. Perfect for the kid in your life who switches interests like they should, but probably aren't, changing their underwear.

This writing felt so familiar, so similar to some things I've read lately and I kept thinking to myself - this HAS to be him but (I'd look again) no, different author. Turns out, I was spot on. Mark Poe is DiSilvio's adolescent alter ego. I do love it when I'm right!

Danny is a typical video game fanatic, blowing off school and off in his own world. Through a dream, he finds himself time traveling and meeting famous musical geniuses and artists. People who are recognizable through word association, like Nostrildamus. It is hysterical! An easy 100 page read (give or take based on which format you choose), brilliant writing, sneakily educational, and the kind of book that can turn even the most reluctant reader into a lover of books.

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