Thursday, August 31, 2017

Review: My Nazi Nemesis

My Nazi Nemesis My Nazi Nemesis by Rich DiSilvio
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rich DiSilvio had me at Nazi. Jack Goodwin sits his fifteen year old daughter, Eleanor, down to tell her about how he met and fell in love with her mother, Veronika. Enter our villain, Alois Richter, and the story intensifies in both action and drama. Father and daughter eventually join forces to right the wrongs of the past in My Nazi Nemesis. This is truly a dark thriller but also so much more; A tale of love, revenge, betrayal, secrets, family, and ultimately living with consequences.

Jack is the main character and good guy in the story, clearly, but I loved loved loved Eleanor, the "50 year old woman in a fifteen year old's body". Smart in the brain and mouth equally, Eleanor brings a lightness that I didn't expect mixed with the conventional seriousness of the subject matter. The banter between Jack and Eleanor is witty and a perfect avenue for bringing the reader through the story. It's easy to hate Alois and even if you think you have an idea of where this is all going, you may just be dead wrong. DiSilvio's writing here is a fantastic example of just good storytelling.

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