Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Review: Thief in Law

Thief in Law Thief in Law by MICHAEL DIRUBIO
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Diamond thieves, mob bosses, Russian thugs, and a little old lady who lives downstairs and makes latkes... this book has it all! From burner cells to ready, set, go storage lockers in cities all over the world, the little ins and outs of the 'business' were so fun to read about! My favorite parts were the stories of old heists that the crew pulled off and learning so much about the diamond trade.

Michael is a genius who just happens to use his brain prowess to steal. Hey, to each his own. Graeme, the crew's resident misfit brings his own brand of debauchery to the table while Gretchen, Ira, and Rocky round out this lovable cast of thieves.

A true thriller, Thief-in-Law will keep you flipping the pages waiting for the next shoe to drop. It's a non-stop adventure with great character development and intricate details from planning heists to setting up shell companies. If you're searching for that living dangerously feeling without the threat of a prison sentence, this is your chance. Enjoy!

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