Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Review: Seducing Sensei

Seducing Sensei Seducing Sensei by S.N. McKibben
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Seducing Sensei by Stephanie McKibben is the first book in her Notice me Senpai series. The word "seducing" should have tipped me off to the nature of the novel but I can be a bit dense at times. I'm not above a little erotica but this is my first homosexual, male or female, erotica. I'll freely admit I am a bit out of my comfort zone. Not because I take issue with this as a social taboo but because I've never held an interest in the subject matter.

The novel is provocative not only in that it delves into the homosexual aspect but also into teacher/student relationship taboo. Scott and Itsuma are perfectly legal 18 year old high school students, which makes Mr. Reis a predator the second he has sexual contact with either boy. 18 is only legal when you're not in a position of authority over them. Can we all agree that Mary Kay Letourneao banging a 6th grader was wrong on all levels? I'm no prude but I'm sorry, so is this.

Now, if you can get past that sleaze factor, one could say that the erotic scenes are elaborately descriptive and hot, even from a heterosexual viewpoint. You COULD say that but only if you like a little abuse in your kink. I mean everyone in this story is either in an abusive relationship, recovering from one, or doling out the abuse themselves. For me, there is too much of that surrounding everything to really get into the erotica. This could have been a great abuse survivor story or a good erotica story but the mix fell deflatingly flat.

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